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At Weekdays, we believe that we have a responsibility to give back to our community and planet. This is the reason why we work with the International Tree Foundation… Corporate Social Responsibility is important as it gives corporations an opportunity to have a huge positive impact on our planet and our community.

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Giving back to our community & our planet

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a form of business self-regulation which aims for businesses to do good… The purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility is to give back to the community and provide a positive social value.

The Positive Impact

We believe that we have a responsibility and a duty to do our bit for our community and for you. Here’s how…

Plant, Protect, Promote

Plant, Protect, Promote is a fantastic phrase the International Tree Foundation has come up with and is at the core of their work.

100 Trees In 100 Countries

Marking their centenary year, they planted 100 trees in 100 countries to celebrate their achievements in the past 100 years.

6,853,353 Trees In 12 Years

In just 10 years the ITF managed to plant 5,018,288 trees. With more companies getting involved, this number is going to soar!

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International Tree Foundations' History

The International Tree Foundation was founded in 1922. The ITF is comprised of tree planters, farmers, foresters, ITF members and supporters, community organisers, entrepreneurs, and teachers. They all have a vision of a world in which trees and forests flourish and their contributions toward this goal are valued! The ITF has worked every day to:
  • Plant trees and restore forests

  • Strengthen community and ecosystem resilience

  • Provide sustainable fuel, food, and medicine for households and markets

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Over the past year they have helped:

People increase their income
Trees grown across the world within 12 years
Farmers increase their yeild
Landscape resoration projects
Increased community capacity