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Running an office can be an incredibly difficult task so we are here to provide you with an all-in-one platform dedicated to helping you manage your business needs by providing all the services you could possibly need for your office.

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Water Coolers

We can arrange the delivery & installation of the latest refreshing water coolers to keep your staff happy & hydrated.

Office Plants

Did you know that teams are 15% more productive when they are surrounded by office plants? We can arrange this for you!

Confidential Waste

Every company has a responsibility when it comes to disposing of its waste. We can dispose of your confidential waste.

Office Fruit & Milk

We offer office fruit & milk delivery for all businesses with no contracts & a cancel anytime policy. Our delivery services are UK Nationwide.

Business Management

Our strategy solutions could help maximise your business's efficiency by allowing you to delegate the tasks to us.

Why Choose Weekdays?

We believe that we have a responsibility and a duty to do our bit for our community and for you. Here’s how…


We help you organise your day and assets more efficiently. Organisation is key to success. in any business.

Growth Promise

Now the organisation and timekeeping is in check, you have lots of opportunity to branch out and focus on growth!


With everything organised, you will have more time available to handle other tasks and attend to management duties.

Office Management Services

We can manage your office space so that you can focus on your business. Among other things, we can take care of cleaning, deliveries, parking, refurbishment, and maintenance for your office space.

We have a point of difference in that our client base is quite diverse from small start-ups to large corporates and we pride ourselves on being able to tailor our services to their individual needs.

Office Fruit & Milk
Water Coolers
We will innovate your office management strategy

Focus On Getting Your Jobs Done

Our Managed Office services are designed to help you care for your office space so that it is always a comfortable, healthy and inspiring place to work. We can help you manage your office space by providing equipment on a rental basis for short or long term contracts. Also, we can provide your business with regular cleaning services, so you don't have to worry about keeping things tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a full range of office management services to ensure that your business has the best possible working environment in which to operate and succeed.

How Do You Craft A Great Office Environment?

Office Management Services can take your space to the next level:

We know it’s difficult when you’re stuck with an uncomfortable chair or a desk that’s too small. That’s why our Office Management Services ensure that every member of staff has access to ergonomic equipment while they work. We also regularly survey our clients to find out whether any of their equipment isn’t up to scratch so we can replace it with new items immediately.

If the building doesn’t meet certain criteria, concentrating on tasks can become difficult. We know it can hinder your output, and we will rectify these issues instantly.

Maintenance costs and unexpected bills are the last thing any business owner wants, Weekdays keeps an eye on them so you don’t have to worry.

Do you Keep in touch with us?

We will work closely with you to understand exactly what you need. The nature of businesses can change drastically, and you’ll need access to Office Management Services that can accommodate for any changes. That’s why our account managers will do their best to get back to you in a timely manner.

At Weekdays we understand how important it is for companies like yours to have peace of mind when choosing who they want to innovate their office management. That’s why all our staff undergo a rigorous training before working with clients directly so they’re confident in delivering high-quality customer service at all times through effective communication skills, professionalism and attention to detail.

Transport and Reception Services?

We can arrange for regular deliveries and collections to your office, providing collection and delivery drivers etc.

Do you offer Refurbishment & Management?

Office refurbishment and remodelling is a time consuming process, so it’s important to get it right. Our managed office service can cover every aspect of an office refurbishment/remodel including planning, design, procurement, construction and completion. We can even work around your teams so that they do not have to leave the building during the process

Our team will work closely with you in order to ensure that all requirements are met and expectations are exceeded during this important project.

Do You Offer Maintenance?

It is important to keep maintenance costs under control so there are no unexpected bills when you least expect them. Weekdays keeps an eye on them so you don’t have to.

Our solutions for your business needs:

  • Building management
  • Health and safety services including fire risk assessments, site visits, electrical testing & gas safety certificates.
What Are the benefits of office management services?
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved staff morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved health and safety
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved reputation
  • Increased efficiency
What Types of office services do you offer?

There are many types of office services you can manage, some of them are:

  • Transport and reception services
  • Car park management
  • Refurbishment and remodelling
  • Staff training
  • Maintenance
Car Park Management?

We understand that employees and visitors competing for parking spaces can be a costly problem for businesses.

This can result in friction between employees and disruption of the workplace as people search for a parking space to avoid being late.
If your company is looking to reduce this problem then we can provide a service which will monitor car park usage at all times and report any issues back to you or the relevant departments within your company.
Can You Provide Staff Training?

We can offer training in areas such as health & safety, fire training and first aid etc. All training is delivered by suitably qualified industry experts who have been fully vetted by us.

Why Choose Weekdays?

We are a market leader in office management services and have the expertise to provide you with the best possible managed office solution.